What Every Gardener Should Know About Mulching

The best time-saving measure a gardener can take is applying mulch. This goes for everywhere from vegetable gardens to flower beds. Mulched gardens are healthier, have fewer weeds, and are more drought-resistant than unmulched gardens. Done properly, it’ll allow you to spend less time watering, weeding, and fighting pest problems. To learn more, click here.

51 Plants That Don’t Need A Lot Of Sun To Thrive

Gardening in the shade challenges the talents of many gardeners because they fight the shady conditions rather than adapting to them. You can’t grow a lovely lawn or an English flower border under trees—but you can grow a diverse and beautiful garden. Instead of struggling to grow sun-loving flowers and lawn grass on a shady…

Organic Foods: What You Need To Know

Organic food has become very popular but navigating the maze of organic food labels, benefits and claims can be confusing. Is organic food really better for your mental and physical health? Do GMOs and pesticides cause cancer and other diseases? What do all the labels mean? To learn more, click here.

4 Science-Backed Health Benefits for Going Organic

The organic food industry is a booming business, and with the recent sale of natural-foods giant Whole Foods to Amazon, it’s expected to grow even larger in the near future. While some consumers buy organic because they believe it’s better for the environment, even more do so for health-related reasons, according to one 2016 survey.…