Sun Safety

The best line of defense against skin cancer is sunscreen and skin protection. Other than sunscreen, there are many ways to protect the body from the sun’s rays. Read more about sun safety best practices here.

BBQ Hosting Checklist

Summer is here and it’s time for a barbecue! Whether you’re planning a small backyard cookout for the family or a big barbecue party, there are a few essentials you need. From the food to tools for the grill and cold drinks to table settings, a checklist of everything you need will ensure you don’t forget…

The Benefits of Homegrown Food

Now that the entire economy is in a slump, people are responding by tightening up and reducing consumption in general—not just at the pump. The cost of everything seems to be higher these days, especially at the grocery store, a trip you can’t skip. Maybe you can skip it, or at least drastically slash your bill,…

June Harvest

June stands for sweet apricots. Rich in carotene, apricots promote a natural, safe and quick suntan. If you buy unripe and sour apricots, dice them and season them with salt, extra virgin olive oil and minced fresh mint. Click here to discover what other fruits and veggies are ready for harvest!

What is an Agrihood?

Millennials are saying “so long” to the country club and “hello” to the farm. Many so-called agrihoods — short for “agricultural neighborhoods” — are cropping up around the US, and they’re aimed at farm-to-table-loving millennials. View the rest of the article here.